If you're like me, I bet every time you travel, you're wishing your horse was with you. I can't look at a sunny country road, or a curving wooded trail without wanting to ride down it. So, bring your horse! If you're an Alaskan on an in-state stay-cation, or a visitor on a road-trip, Butte's Bethel can offer:

  • Lodging for you and your horse (see our human lodging options here)
    • Wooded pastures, electric fence. Make sure your horse is accustomed to both woods and electric fence. We're rustic 'round here.
    • SaddleUp Equestrian area (5 minutes down the road) offers pastures, a barn, and an indoor and outdoor. Check them out here.
  • Provide an overview of local trails (I'll try to track down maps, Google Earth, or you know, the universal stick in the dirt drawing...hey, we work with what we got around here...)
  • Guided ride (you bring a horse, I'll bring a horse, and show you around).
  • If you don't have a horse, I recommend Alaska Horse Adventures 1 minute down the road. They'll take you out and treat you well!