Butte's Bethel Farm B&B: Alaska is here.

Are you ready for some gorgeous scenery? A place where, just to open your eyes, is to be inspired? Even now, after years of being here, I can hardly believe that this place exists, and that I live here. I took the following pics and video while out walking in the neighborhood around Butte's Bethel. Thought I'd introduce you to some of our neighbors, Knik River, Pioneer Peak, and the Chugach Mountains...

Knik River with Knik Glacier in the background

Alaska is a living dream. Every day, I wander the forests, the riverbanks, the mountains, around Butte's Bethel, and I see a dream come true. A wild, beautiful place, with room to breath, to wander, to pray, and dream. 

Riding at the base of Pioneer Peak, along the Knik River

We bought a small 5 acre piece of land nestled between the Knik and Matanuska Rivers, between the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountain ranges. We chose this place to build our organic farm, keep our horses, and raise our children, because here, it was wild, and clean and peaceful, and we felt that the beauty of this place alone could've nourished us forever .

A bethel is a sanctuary, a hallowed place, a place of God. We opened Butte's Bethel Farm and B&B last year to share the peace we had found here, to offer others wholesome food, beauty, rest, and a jumping off point to explore. We figured, if we needed the healing, the nourishment, the inspiration of Alaska, others would, too. This place will lay your heart wide open. Welcome to Butte's Bethel, Alaska is here. You should be, too.